Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thoughts, Feelings, Actions

I love the saying your thoughts are your thoughts, your feelings are your feelings but ACTIONS are YOUR LIFE! How true this is, at least for me. In the end, doesn't it always come back to the question of "what did I do?" If I let my thoughts or feelings run the show - which I have and occasionally still do, I end up feeling disappointed and unmotivated instead of energized and motivated. I often refer to the analogy of going to the gym. It's so easy for me convince myself that I don't feel 'good enough' to go or that it's not 'that' high of a priority considering all the other items on my to-do list. It's not until I overwrite these thoughts and feelings, get myself dressed and get on the machine at the gym that I begin to experience the benefit that comes from exercising - feeling fit, energized and focused.

I was just complimenting my husband recently because even when it's pouring rain and miserable out he takes action and shows up to meetings he has committed to attending (even when it means getting soaked). I respect this and strongly desire to have this become an innate part of my nature. For some reason I was built with strong negotiating skills which in some cases comes in handy. However, when I find myself negotiating against myself - what my heart and gut KNOW would be good for me I have to be careful that I don't convince myself to stop, quit or cancel. This internal negotiator REALLY likes convenience and comfort. And, to live a fulfilling life, I believe it's crucial to SHOW UP no matter what (assuming I've committed to someone else or myself - obviously there are legitimate reasons for not showing up - but these are the exception, not the norm) I find that when some discomfort and/or risk are involved in an action I take, I find myself EVEN MORE energized after showing up because I just pushed against a limitation I internally set for myself ..... and I WON - not the limiting belief or voice!

My son has been a wonderful teacher in this area in that he is completely dependent upon me for everything, including having new experiences. Some days I just don't 'feeeeel' like getting everything together (bottles, diaper bag, etc, etc...) to get out and go do something. I'm learning that when I do it anyways I always, always feel better - and so does he! It seems to shift both of us in mood and energy. In this case I am responsible for giving my son new experiences and opportunities to learn ..... there is a lot riding on whether I choose to take action. I no longer get to be selfish and subscribe to my mood and comfort zone.

Positive begets positive. Action motivates more action. Positive results stimulate a stronger appetite for more action!!

Go forth and take action!


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