Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

24 hours ....

I read an article today (that my insightful boyfriend sent me) that really got me thinking about my life, my finances and most important, what I value most. Something I personally struggle with often is what I call 'financial insecurity'. Although, I've not really examined this fully, I know it comes from a deep place of distrust. And as such, when I notice it rearing it's ugly head I ask for more faith. How does this insecurity rear its ugly head? Typically it shows up through anxiety, restricting myself in various ways, spats of frustration (over seemingly small things) and an inability to stop thinking about my financial welfare. It's time consuming, energy draining and fruitless.

While reading this article today
I began to think about what money means to me..... and why I place so much importance on it. What does it really get me? And more important, does it get me the things, people, places, experiences that I most value? In the above article this question was asked, "What would you do if you only had 24-hours left?" The first thing that popped into my head was spend it with as many friends and loved ones as I could gather in that time. Money was not in the equation. Not even close. Now, that doesn't mean I don't value money or think it's important in order to live - it is. We do need money to buy food, pay for our shelter and clothe our bodies. However, it is not the end-all, be-all. That said this world is very focused on material things - nice dinners out, the latest fashions, excursions, pretty homes, exquisite home furnishings, etc.... which make it very hard to keep money in any kind of spiritual perspective. However, when I really think about it I recognize I came into this world penniless and I will leave the same way. What money I do have today came from a source much greater than myself and can be taken at any time, lest I become too attached. We see it all the time - people make a lot of money, become too self-indulgent and in a flash it's gone. I am certainly not here to say what amount of money is right for people to have, however, I do believe that when your foundation is made up of material things versus what could be termed as the spiritual things (values, experiences, love, intimacy) it can crumble at any time whereas the later will sustain and continue giving. When I can see money through this lens I have much more freedom and can see that money is NOT the most important 'thing' in my life - friends, family and experiences (that are often little to no money) are!

When it comes to my final 24-hours I do not want to regret having spent too much time obsessing about money or berating my life because I compared myself to those who had more material items. At the end of it all - I get to take none of those things with me.... I do however get to take love, memories, great conversations and belly laughter with me ..... the things that matter.

Enjoy your life .... and trust that you have EVERYTHING you need, right now!

With love & gratitude,