Monday, January 4, 2010

Looking Forward....

These past couple of weeks have been a time of reflection and planning for me.... what happened last year? What worked? What didn't? What will I do different this coming year? And, what do I want my focus for the coming year to be? All around me I hear the buzz of how to make the New Year your best year yet by becoming more productive, focused, efficient, pro-active and strategic - all of which are excellent suggestions - depending on the goal/s. I know for myself that this will be a year full of exciting changes and new experiences. I also know that I am becoming more focused on what's important to me and how and with whom I want to spend my time. That's a great thing! It means less days feeling like I spun my wheels aimlessly. I am also very aware that in the midst of creating goals and underscoring my points of focus I can lose sight of my most basic need - to stay grounded and 'connected' to my source.

I don't mean to sound hokey but it's very easy (at least for me) to get swept up in work matters and getting things done .... and bypass the fundamentals that help me to stay focused - taking time out to write, meditate, pray, worship and be of service to those who are struggling. It is when I partake in these actions that I am filled up, grounded and better able to 'prioritize' my to-do's.

In the midst of making resolutions let us not forget the basics that will 'always' fuel us and empower us to achieve our goals (at least the ones that really 'matter').

Here's to a *productive* day .....


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