Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Remembering 2009

Since we are closing 2009, I thought I'd start a series of questions to help me and hopefully you reflect on this past year. Here's to all the lessons - some learned and some I hope to learn the next time around. And, for the blessings - some apparent and some disguised.

1 My most memorable moment of 2009 was when.... Interesting that when I reflect on this question I can barely reach past last week to find a 'memorable' moment. Does this mean that there weren't any? Absolutely not. It does however, remind me how rapidly things move and change and that what I choose to think about and/or obsess on today will most likely shift in some way by tomorrow and certainly by next week. I would say that the most memorable moment that comes to mind over the past year was when I "knew" that my boyfriend was the "one". I got into my car alone after having coffee with him and said out loud "Really God? Him?" .... and then I smiled because the answer was "YES".

2. The thing I'm most grateful for in 2009 is.... This question makes me realize that I have SO much to be grateful for - far beyond the externals that I regularly take note of (i.e. my health, my friends, Danny, my family, work I love, my home, my car, etc...) What I'm most grateful for over the past year is my willingness to grow. To practice authenticity. To experience being human - falling in love, having my feelings hurt, experiencing pure bliss, feel disappointed, feeling scared, not know the answers and be challenged in many ways..... all without changing the experience with any kind of mind or mood altering substance. Experiencing being human in the raw. And, I owe much of this to all my teachers, mentors, sponsor, coaches, boyfriend and friends that have supported and loved me over the past year. Thank you!

3. The greatest lesson I learned in 2009 was.... There are so many lessons it's hard to pinpoint just one. Every day I believe God is teaching me a new lesson (or at least trying to). These lessons show up in a variety of ways through a variety of sources. That said, if I had to boil it down to the 'greatest' lesson of 2009, I would say that I have come to believe (and live) that anything is possible. That dreams really do come true. Not always in my time (or yours) but they do come to fruition if I will be patient, faithful AND do my part in participating in the process. My lesson is that I am worthy of having my dreams come true - just as YOU are!

4. The thing that I'm most proud of accomplishing in 2009 is.... This question may be the toughest of them all .... I find it much easier to look ahead at what I want to create in the coming days, months or year - not so easy to look back with a pat on the back and an "atta boy". It seems these days nothing is ever really 'finished' - it's all one big process, which makes it hard to feel like any one thing is getting accomplished. That said, I do believe in the importance of and often coach my clients around finding 'something' to acknowledge themselves for on a regular basis. It seems to work as a great confidence and energy booster. So, to honor my own belief I suppose I'd better start drinking my own 'cool-aid'. ; ) So.... I'm proud of allowing myself to fall in love and be vulnerable in a partnership, I'm proud that I've expanded my business by starting a blog, changing my website, working with out-of-state clients and partnering with other coaches, I'm proud that I'm buying a new car by the end of this month that will be all mine and I'm proud that I've run over 3 miles outside for the first time..... to name a few. These are some fun accomplishments to acknowledge myself for - no doubt. However, I think the most important accomplishment over this past year (now that I think about it) has been when I've helped someone to love who they are MORE. That's what truly gives me the most gratification and feeling of 'accomplishment'.

I hope this sparks some thought for you on what you have to remember over this past year.....

More to come - stay tuned.

With love and gratitude,


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