Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time Outs

With the holidays in full swing and Christmas carols chiming on all the favorite radio stations (not to mention all the cafes, restaurants and stores) the calendar is filling quickly with holiday events, leaving little time to c-h-i-l-l out. Just this morning my boyfriend and I were coordinating our December calendar to find that some dates are filled with more than a couple of events to attend. In addition to attending social events, for many there are also holiday family obligations. The holidays can be a joyous occasion to catch up with and celebrate old traditions with loved ones. However, I'm learning that to much of a 'good thing' can also bring a celebratory occasion to a screeching halt. Do you know what I mean? It seems one minute you couldn't be more thrilled to see your loved ones and the next (after too many consecutive hours together) all of your old 'stuff' is coming up and you've reverted into the 14-year-old child who is spouting off a mouthful of venom (only later to be filled with regret) to your cherished family members.

Ok..... well maybe you've healed all of your old childhood wounds .... but 'some' of us are still working on it. ; ) For me, what works best is if I balance the amount of time I spend with loved ones with some downtime for myself. It seems if I make time to recharge my batteries (which, for me is often done through exercise, napping, or talking to some close friends) I am much better equipped to handle old 'stuff'' that may emerge. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated..... not lamenting over unnesseccery remarks or spats.

A friend of mine once said, "I like to leave on a 'high' note when I'm in social settings." To me, this means know thyself and know when enough is enough. Know when it's time to go or take a 'time out'. Just like children, adults need 'time outs' too. A time-out is time to reflect, regroup and recharge. Which, in my opinion, leads to a much more enjoyable holiday season for all.

Here's a plug for more time-outs .... they're not just for kids anymore. ; )

Much love,

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