Thursday, November 5, 2009

Choosing .....

Where are you NOT choosing in your life today? This was the question that my coach proposed to me today. In fact, he gave me a homework assignment to write out all the places in my life that I'm NOT choosing and then told me to make a choice. I was able to recognize through our conversation that by not choosing (holding off, flip flopping, waffling) I am/was keeping myself stuck, in victim mode and very frustrated. My mind will tell me that by not choosing I am keeping my options 'open', but the truth is it minimizes my level commitment and keeps me from obtaining any mastery over one thing (concept or experience).

The example that comes to mind is with exercise. I have been saying I want to run a 1/2 marathon or even a 5K for some time now (possibly even years) yet, I've done nothing to strengthen my running skills. Instead, I do what's comfortable - fast walk, take an aerobics class, take yoga ..... ANYTHING but run. And, if I do run, it's on the treadmill with intermittent walking. There's not a solid dedication and focus on running. I let fear hold me back - telling myself I'm just not 'built' to run or it will hurt too much ... the list goes on as they usually do. It fascinates me how easy it is to talk myself out of following through on something I want for myself AND how great my mind is at convincing me that what it's telling me is the capital "T" truth!

I made my list of the other areas in my life where I'm NOT choosing ..... and was surprised what I found. There were more areas in my life than I'd thought where I saw that I was waffling. And, consequently feeling frustrated by my results. DUH! This is not rocket science yet it is POWERFUL - choosing - then sticking with the choice. So, for today, I am choosing to run at least 3 times per week AND sign up for a 5K by the end of the year.

Do you know where you're NOT making choices in your life? What's stopping you from choosing? And, how is NOT choosing stopping you from being as powerful as you can be?

I dare you to choose!


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