Monday, January 11, 2010

Staying Consistent ....

One of my intentions for the coming year is to be more consistent in my words and actions. Do you ever find yourself complaining to a friend or loved one about how you want to start doing ..... X .... and you wish they would too? AND then, you never do anything about it. I've noticed myself saying over and over I really want to get back to church and I really want to start reading more often.... and then, I never do. I just can't seem to *find* the time to incorporate these things back into my life. And then, to make matters worse, I blame someone else (internally, of course) for my lack of taking action (usually my boyfriend). First of all, it most certainly is NOT his fault and secondly anything (and I do mean ANYTHING) I set my mind to, I can and will accomplish. So, saying that I don't have the time is a lame excuse and not owning the result of my action (or lack thereof) is even lamer!

So, in 2010 I am setting an intention right now that I am going to be a woman of my word. If there's something I say I want (especially if I voice it MORE than once) I am going to take myself seriously and do something about it. Likewise, if I say that there is something I don't want (that I'm currently doing) I'm going to change it rather than talk about it .... only. If I want others to believe in me (and my word) then I need to live by my actions, not intentions.

What are you putting off taking action on today? Stop talking and start acting..... today! ; )

Speaking of which ..... I have a NEW *PILOT* women's group starting on Sunday, January 31st at 6:30Pm in San Francisco. I have 5 more spots open. Contact me SOON if you want to join. The cost is low ($20 per meeting), cool women and a great way to get clear and STAY clear on how you want to design your 2010!

Also, check out my latest article in the SF Bay Area Women's Journal -

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  1. wow, that's pretty rigorous, if i say it gotta do it. yeah, been talking about going to meditation regularly and not motivated to do it when the time comes--either prefer rest or socializing. maybe i am just learning i don't care enough?